Once you have cloned Shouldly to your local machine, the following instructions will walk you through installing the tools necessary to build and test the documentation.

  1. Download python version 2.7.10 or higher.

  2. If you are installing on Windows, add both the Python install directory and the Python scripts directory to your PATH environment variable. For example, if you install Python into the c:\python34 directory, you would add c:\python34;c:\python34\scripts to your PATH environment variable.

  3. Install Sphinx by opening a command prompt and running the following Python command. (Note that this operation might take a few minutes to complete.):

    pip install sphinx
  4. By default, when you install Sphinx, it will install the ReadTheDocs custom theme automatically. If you need to update the installed version of this theme, you should run:

    pip install -U sphinx_rtd_theme
  5. Run the make.bat file using html argument to build the stand-alone version of the project in question:

    make html
  6. Once make completes, the generated docs will be in the _build/html directory. Simply open the index.html file in your browser to see the built docs for that project.

Style Guidelines

Please review the following style guides: